Friday, September 6, 2013

Day 10 - Can You BEAR It?

So this guy from the Czech Republic and his friend from Russia come to the U.S. on holiday. They go to Glacier Park in Montana and go camping. The park rangers tell them to call in everyday to report that they are okay and approximately where they are. They do that for the first few days but then they miss the next day, and then another day.

 The rangers mount a search for the two in the area where they were last reported. They find a pair of bears, a male and a female, sleeping deeply. Next to them are some shoes, a hat, and a couple of backpacks. Reluctantly, they kill the two bears.

 They cut open the female bear, discover human remains and a Russian passport.

 "You know what this means, don't you?" says one ranger.

"Yes," replies the second ranger somberly, "the Czech is in the male."

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