Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Day 78 - Call Me Ishmael

Two whales, Bob and Louise, were swimming side by side in the ocean.  Suddenly, Bob spotted a ship in the distance. He recognized it as the whaling ship that killed his father.  Filled with anger, he said to Louise, “That's the ship that killed my father! Let's swim closer!”

When they were close enough, Bob said, “Why don't we swim under the ship and blow air through our blow holes and break the ship into a million pieces? That will be sweet revenge.” Louise agreed to this.

So they each took a deep breath of air, swam under the ship, and blew enormous amounts of air under the ship. The ship flew into the air and crashed back to the sea and broke into a million pieces.  The pair of whales started to swim off when they realized that the sailors were not dead, but clinging to pieces of wood and floating in the ocean.

Bob was furious and said to Louise, “They're still alive, but I've got another idea. Let's swim around and gulp up all the sailors!”

That's when Louise stopped swimming, looked at Bob and said, “Oh no... I agreed to the blow job but I'm NOT swallowing the seamen.”

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